About – FAQ

What is this website about ?

predikon.ch is a website born out of an academic project at the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). Its main goal is to provide a platform for the visualization of spatial voting patterns in Switzerland. We are working on extending the functionalities available on the website, notably to include prediction of future vote results, so stay tuned!

Where do the data come from ?

The data on the votes have been automatically extracted from official government websites/webservices (such as ch.ch and admin.ch). The data on the municipalities have been automatically extracted from Wikipedia. Note that, due to these automatic treatments, the data displayed on the website can contain omissions, errors or imprecisions. Don't hesitate to drop us a line if you spot a problem.

Where can I obtain more information ?

You can obtain more information about the methodology employed to generate the map of voting patterns in the following paper:

V. Etter, J. Herzen, M. Grossglauser and P. Thiran, Mining Democracy, ACM Conference on Online Social Networks (COSN), 2014.

Who are we?